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Here's What's Being Said About Emerick & Finch

"I have found your company to be reliable, flexible, and ethical. The court reporters are courteous and competent. The work gets done on time and the billing is appropriate. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship in the future." 
--Jonathan Brand, Law Offices of Jonathan Brand

"Emerick & Finch is a firm dedicated to a few old-fashioned principles: Quality transcripts created by professionals, personal attention by a staff eager to please, and owners that never lose sight of the fact that their name is on every transcript that goes out the door. It is only fitting that a firm that has concentrated on a particular region for so many years should expand and enable others to utilize that same service and experience what its current clientele has been experiencing for years. In a world where the vast majority of nationwide firms have lost touch with the notion that their clients deserve the very best, Emerick & Finch not only hasn't lost touch with that notion, it's their stock in trade."
-- Mark Brickman

"What a joy is it to work with Emerick & Finch! Their professionalism is of the highest caliber. They provide top-rate work in a timely fashion, are very courteous, and are always willing to help out in any way they can."
-- Denise Fraga, The Presidio Trust